The Project

“The idea came to me as I was trying to find a way to use the “Hare” animal as part of anPippa Middleton with the Mary Hare sculpture by Sophie Ryder,  for the Mary Hare Primary School. Copyright Photo by Les Wilson 5th Sept  2018 art charity fundraising project for the school. Typically I would opt for a sporting challenge to raise money but being pregnant this was a little harder to achieve. The Hare is a celebrated animal in art, particularly in sculpture, it’s full of bold character and majestic expression. I felt there could be great opportunity to link the school with this classic symbol of the British countryside through Sophie Ryder’s work.” Pippa Middleton, Mary Hare Ambassador

Mary Hare is selling a limited edition of 50 bronzes by Sophie Ryder created especially for this project. Every bronze is signed and has a certificate of authenticity.

Pippa became an ambassador for Mary Hare in 2013. She was introduced to the charity by a friend as the school is situated close to her former home in Berkshire. After visiting and meeting the deaf children who benefit from the specialist education provided, she was so impressed that she signed up to be an ambassador and to help promote the school and raise funds for its important work.

The Mary Hare Primary School Appeal is the latest fundraising campaign and Pippa is supporting the school to raise some £6 million to build a brand new, national Primary School for deaf children aged 5 – 11 years.

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